Couples Counseling

In couple’s therapy the “couple” relationship is considered the client. Typically, this is a husband and wife. However it may also be a dating relationship or any relationship that needs strengthening or repairing.

Warning: Marital Therapy can be addictive. Once couples have experienced what marriage is supposed to feel like, many do not want to quit therapy. It is not the therapy that makes marriages so great; it is merely the tool that unfolds the wonders of marriage. While virtually all marriages will grow and strengthen through marital counseling, for some marriages it is more urgent. To give your marriage a quick check-up, see the questions below.

Questions to ask about your marriage:

  1. Is our communication boring or business-like?
  2. Do we tune out while the other is talking?
  3. Is there a lack of affection in the words we use with each other?
  4. Do we criticize each other?
  5. Do we feel bitterness and resentment?
  6. Do we have arguments that don’t get resolved?
  7. Can arguments last for days?
  8. Is the “silent treatment” ever used?
  9. Do we embarrass each other in public?
  10. Is an addictive behavior getting in the way of our relationship?
  11. Is a past or present affair affecting us?
  12. Do we argue about money?
  13. Is our sex life unsatisfying?
  14. Do we disagree on parenting?
  15. Are there any topics we can’t talk about?
  16. Are there areas of our life we don’t share with each other?
  17. Do others express concern about our marriage?
  18. Is there emotional distance in our marriage?
  19. Do we respect each other?
  20. Do we fantasize about singleness or other people?
  21. Are we looking for attention and affirmation outside of our marriage?
  22. Do we think or talk about divorce?
  23. Is the “spark” gone?


Obviously, affirmative answers are signs of a marriage in trouble. Don’t panic; even if you answered, “yes” to every one of the questions above, there is still hope. If there is any desire to improve your marriage, the right counselor can guide you to the marriage that you have always wanted.

Therapists with this area of interest
  • Josie Firstbrook, M.A., L.A.C.M.H.

    Licensed Associate Counselor

  • Aimee Sellers, L.P.C.M.H.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Penina Bogita, L.P.C.M.H., N.C.C.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Heather Neustadter, M.S.

    M.S., Christian Counseling

  • Jennifer L. Parker, L.P.C.M.H., C.A.D.C.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Daniel Cherneski, L.M.F.T.

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Richard Holmes, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

  • Gretchen Mahoney, L.P.C.M.H.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Erin Worden, L.P.C.M.H.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Judith K. Willetts, Ph.D.

    Licensed Psychologist

  • Tisha Smith, L.P.C.M.H.

    Licensed Professional Counselor

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