In therapy with adolescents the therapist works with the parents and the adolescent in order to incorporate the concerns of both. Focus is on assisting the adolescent to work through issues and to gain skills necessary to successfully transition to adulthood.

If you are a teen considering therapy, here are some questions you may want to explore:

  • Is it hard to enjoy things I used to enjoy?
  • Have my sleep habits changed recently?
  • Am I agitated or distracted?
  • Are my grades in school suffering?
  • Are extracurricular activities overwhelming?
  • Am I eating more or less than I should?
  • Do I often feel sad?
  • Do I cry more than I used to?
  • Do I want to be alone even though I feel lonely?
  • Am I “tied up in knots” inside and feel anxious?
  • Do I have panic attacks?
  • Do I frequently feel overwhelmed?
  • Do friends say I’m on edge or touchy?
  • Are social, academic or family situations stressful?
  • Do I hate myself?


If you said “yes” to more than four of these questions, then you will likely benefit from therapy. A therapist can help you to sort through your thoughts and feelings and work with you to develop strategies that will ease your burden and maximize your enjoyment and functioning in life.


Take the next step. Call for an appointment.