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Pre-Licensed Therapists by Aimee Sellers LPCMH

Our current culture has done much to destigmatize working on one’s mental health and attending counseling. To that end, however, the number of available counselors can only increase so fast. People want professional counselors with stellar clinical skills and the lion’s share of empathy. Let me clue you into a hidden gem and why you should be open to seeing a Pre-Licensed Therapist.

Every wonderful, seasoned therapist was, at one point, pre-licensed. This is a period after a therapist has completed their master’s degree when they gain the required amount of client experience and supervision to attain their full professional licensure. This can take between 2 and 4 years and is integral to a therapist’s personal and professional development. This is a “rubber hits the road” phase where all the education, qualities, skills, and prior internships are put into practice.

These years are also when therapists actively define their style, with a significant part of this formation being the relationships built with their supervisor and other clinicians. During pre-licensure, therapists are paired with an experienced therapist to supervise their practice and oversee their development. With a pre-licensed therapist, you are getting two well-educated, clinical minds for the price of one. Many clinicians will benefit so profoundly from the supervisory process that they maintain consultant relationships with their supervisors for years afterward.

I have spent a lot of time in my life benefiting from the pre-licensure period. My first experience with a therapist was in their pre-licensure at my university. I myself spent two years under a fantastic supervisor during pre-licensure. My relationship with her helped build my confidence and encouraged me to continue striving for clinical and relational improvement for my clients. Now, I have the privilege of taking on a pre-licensed counselor as my supervisee to build a future generation of counselors. So take this as an invitation and encouragement to schedule with one of our Pre-licensed therapists.

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