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The Joy of Childrearing- Or Not? by Erin Worden LPCMH

Having children is a season of life with high expectations for joy, newness of life, and the beginning of pouring into something other than ourselves. For many, it is a joyful, exciting season, but for some, you might find yourself asking- where is the joy? Do you feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or sad instead of joyful, isolated, or depleted? If so, you’re not alone. Up to 20% of women feel depressed or anxious feelings after childbirth, and sometimes this lasts up to 2 years postpartum. Postpartum mood disorders, like depression or even anxiety, are common not only in mothers but in fathers as well. Research suggests that 91% of new mothers have unwanted fearful thoughts, but 88% of new fathers also carry anxious thoughts. There is also postpartum childbirth trauma that is sometimes unexpected and may cause PTSD symptoms that feel the opposite of what one should be feeling during this “joyful” season.

If you find yourself relating to any of the above new parenting struggles, please make an appointment to talk about effective strategies for coping with this new and sometimes overwhelming phase of life. You might need to unload some of the unwanted, traumatic thoughts in order to better function and live well in this season. Myself and many other therapists at PCPC would love to support you, hear you, and help you redefine yourself during a time that can feel very isolating.

“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 23:18

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