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Grounding Exercises for Christians, Gretchen Mahoney, L.P.C.M.H.

Body Scan

Breathing slowly, imagine a narrow band of light, descending from the top of your head and slowly moving down over eyes, ears, jaw, neck. Don’t forget the back of your neck and head. Notice any body sensations, and bring the sense of God’s light and healing to each part. Continue noticing the band widen, and notice even the smallest sensations, across the shoulders and moving down each part of arms, all the way to the finger tips. Notice the band again from upper chest and back area, down the sides of your torso, back, stomach, buttocks. Invite God’s healing warmth and light to pause gently at the top of the legs, front and back, and down each part of the legs, shins, ankles, tops and bottom of feet. Notice with gratitude the band of light slowly disappear at the end of the exercise.


Take note of the following, either in prayer , conversation or journaling:

5 specific things God has made that bring you joy
4 objects or animals that bring you peace (coffee, a kitten, a blanket, a song)
3 people that God has used to encourage you
2 promises of God that you rely on (He will never leave you, heaven, forgiveness)
1 name of God that brings peace and calm to you


Play a worship song and actually sing out loud with the music. At some point in the song, make sure your arms are lifted above shoulder level.

Facial Muscles

Using the muscles around your mouth, form a smile, even if you do not feel happy. While your muscles are forming a smile, think of three things you are grateful for.

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