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Five Steps to Find Purpose in Life by Vicki Tillman, M.A.

People feel better when they feel like they are here on earth for a purpose. We have phrases for our pursuit of purpose, like:

“I need to find meaning in life…”


“Je cherche mon raison d’etre.” (If you are learning French.)

Having purpose in life does not solve all of life’s problems, but when we have purpose, the problems feel less important.

It just feels better to have purpose.

So here are five steps to find your purpose:

1) Don’t just stand there, do something. You don’t find purpose by sitting still and thinking. You find it by getting busy.

2) Do something new and out of the box. Start trying on hats. Do things you have never done before. It doesn’t need to be something you like to do, just something you’ve never done. Visit a state park, go to a play, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

3) Do something frequently. Think about trying something new each weekend. Eventually you will find something you like so well, you will start going back again and again. Your purpose will begin to show itself in those things.

4) Learn about yourself as you try new things. Some things will be awesome. Some will be awful. Note which is which. They are all pointing you TOWARD purpose or telling you to TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

5) Don’t worry. You won’t be judged on the “importance” of your purpose. Your purpose is your purpose. It might be volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing home, helping a local community organization or fighting world hunger. What matters is that you have found something that matters to you.

That is your purpose.

Take the next step. Call for an appointment.