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The Question Everybody Wants to Ask by Tisha Smith MA, LPCMH

“If you could ask me (your therapist) anything you wanted, what would you ask?”

About a month ago, I thought it would be intriguing to see how my clients would answer this question.

Through this exercise, I was reminded of something so very important about ALL people, and especially people in the client-therapist relationship: The need to feel that I am okay, I am liked, and I am important.

The questions I received were really just the same two questions in various forms. Intrigued yet? Want to know what questions people asked?

  1. “Do you think I am crazy?”
  2. “Do you like me?”

Have you ever wanted to ask that? Here are some things your questions reveal:

  • Therapy makes people feel vulnerable.
  • You want to know you are okay in our eyes and in the world.
  • You don’t know the truth yet: That EVERYONE wonders if they are crazy. Only you have taken the risk to ask.
  • YOU and your story are OUR blessings, our teachers. It is a privilege to walk with you on this road to recovery.

Sooooo, you’re thinking, “Do you think I’m crazy???”

Well, think of it this way: Maybe we are all a little “crazy” in our own ways, but that is just a funny word to mean we have found creative ways to cope with the challenges life has given, and we all have something we need to work on.

One client stated, “I am sorry I have so many problems.” I am sorry you have so many problems too, not because they burden me, but because they burden you. My job is not to solve your problems, but to be beside you in them. Helping you work through your problems helps me learn about life, people, myself, and better ways to help others. So in coming here for help, you are helping others too.

I would never have thought “Am I crazy” would be the most important question to so many people. Thank you to my clients who asked real questions. More than that, thank you for trusting me to help you work on your problems and to help shoulder your cares.

I hope you continue to keep your authenticity, and hold onto the perspective that you are uniquely created, and you are not alone.

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