Life Transition Coaching

Life transition coaches are wise guides who help you navigate meaningfully and successfully through the positive changes or trying changes of life.

Here are 5 times you need a Life Transition Coach.

*You need coaching when you feel restless, unsatisfied or uncomfortable where you are in life

  • Knowing there’s more to life than this
  • Longing for meaning and purpose
  • Desiring to clarify your life causes
  • Re-inventing your identity

*You need coaching when you are leaving one phase of life to enter another

  • Graduating high school and headed to career or college
  • Graduating college and heading into career
  • Beginning empty nesting
  • Starting second half of life
  • Retiring

*You need coaching when you are experiencing changing relationships

  • Getting married
  • Raising toddlers, tweens or teens
  • Empty nesting and dealing with adult kids

*You need coaching when you are launching into longed-for life benchmarks

  • Earning a big promotion
  • Moving to a new city
  • Clarifying whether to start a business

*You need coaching when you are dealing with unexpected, unwanted change

  • Managing life with chronic illness
  • Re-inventing well-being after life-changing injury
  • Re-creating life because of divorce

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  • Vicki Tillman, LPCMH

    Licensed Professional Counselor

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