Career Coaching

Career Coaching is the process of working with a coach to tweak career paths, identify new career paths, and develop the skills to succeed in both.  The Career Coaching process looks different for each person. That’s because everyone has different needs and desires.

Career Coaches like Vicki Tillman work with people like you, who:

  • are ready to fulfill their dreams and potentials by launching into a new career field
  • are determined to achieve more in their current field
  • are anxious to get back to work after having been downsized, outsourced, job-eliminated
  • are feeling a bit nervous as they look for a second career after raising their kids
  • are pressured to choose a college major before graduating high school and want so help
  • are fed up with their organization and want to move to a meaningful career
  • are delighted to give back to their communities in their retirement years

With Vicki, you will discuss what you are looking for, then set goals for success in one or more of these areas:

  • Discovering talents, gifts, callings, inspirations
  • Identifying dreams and desires for career and life
  • Create a personal mission statement and personal visioneering tools
  • Clarifying needs, assets and limitations- then ways to work within or overcome them
  • Choose great-fit career fields and/or college majors
  • Develop skills for the job hunt (resume, interview, recruiter, Linkedin and more)
  • Develop soft skills and communication skills for career growth
  • Maximize resources available for career search and development

Enhance personal growth skills that help manage work-place stress (mindfulness, self-care)

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Therapists with this area of interest
  • Vicki Tillman, LPCMH

    Licensed Professional Counselor

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