Thank you for sharing such valuable information with our prayer ministry. Your presentation was excellent, and everyone will benefit in knowing how to pray with effective boldness.



After a number of traumatic events in my life, I felt as if my life was in shambles from which I would never recover. My therapist has gently eased me through my difficulties both by encouraging me and educating me. Also, the Christian basis of my therapy has increased my faith in God and my ability to overcome by His grace.



The good news is that I’m staying happy and in inner peace through my difficulties because of what my therapist started teaching me and what God is finishing! I like who I am becoming.



Some psychologists consider religion a crutch at best, an aberration at worst. My PCPC therapist treated my faith as an integral part of my journey to wholeness. And, the practice counseled my agnostic son with skill and compassion without any reference to religion. I recommend them without hesitation. As a faith-based, scientifically-trained practice, they are wonderful.



I am so grateful for the services that Pike Creek Psychological Center has offered.  Never have I experienced such a caring staff and nurturing environment.  Now, instead of fear, I have hope because I know there is support from professionals who care.  They have helped me to rescue, and comfort, and nurture, and empower that young girl who is beginning to grow up to be me!



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