Therapist Profile


Melissa Winters, Psy.D.


Dr. Melissa Winters is a Clinical Health and Pediatric Psychologist, licensed in Delaware and Virginia. She has trained at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore; Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; and Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. She has additionally worked at Georgetown University Hospital, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Fredericksburg, Mary Washington Hospital, and others. She specializes in the behavioral treatment of medical conditions, with specialty training in the area of pediatrics and pain management.

She has enjoyed working with Pike Creek Psychological Center previously (2003-2006-and 2008-2010). Prior to returning to PCPC, she served as the Director of Behavioral Medicine at Neuropsychology and Complementary Medicine, as well as the Director of Psychology Services at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Fredericksburg. She is also adjunct faculty at Wilmington University.

She enjoys working with children and adults with various health conditions, working together to promote quality of life for patients and families. In addition to individual and family therapy, she also completes pre-surgical and opioid clearance evaluations, and provides biofeedback training to patients of all ages. Dr. Winters sees patients in the Newark office.

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