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The Art of Communication by Laurie Denham, L.P.C.M.H.

July 24, 2013

Moments of silence are the brushes that create the art of communication

In order to truly listen we must remain completely silent.  Moments of silence are the moments that matter most.  They are precious, valuable, and profound.  If we learn to embrace moments, we stop enduring them.

If you unscramble the word “SILENT” it will spell out “LISTEN.”  The ability to listen is the key to communication.  In today’s world, most people are too busy multitasking, but listening requires us to be fully present, physically and emotionally.

When the important people in your life need your attention, practice silence, and try putting away electronics, returning calls later, closing that book, or maybe clearing your schedule.  Many precious moments are missed in the busyness of life.  This is extremely important when communicating with your child or teen.  You will learn a lot from your child, no matter what age, when you listen to what she is NOT saying.  We get the world to listen through the power of words; we help others feel heard through the power of silence.

Please consider these important truths:

Truth #1:

Cell phones are wrapped in conveniences. Our to-do list is wrapped in frustration and time.  Our busy schedules are wrapped in worry and exhaustion. But moments are wrapped in memories.  Here today, but gone tomorrow.

Truth #2

We often think we are building memories for our children to remember us when sometimes, we are building memories for us to remember them. Our children are not promised to us tomorrow.

Truth #3

We should be most thankful for the things that are not things. Things can be replaced. Appointments can be rescheduled. Laundry will be there tomorrow. Missed opportunities are memories that never happen.

Truth #4

Accountability, consequences and lectures can be implemented any time.  To know that someone understands you is priceless.  Having the ability to walk with another person emotionally without trying to change his or her direction creates a definable moment.  Meet people where they are and not where you think they should be.

Truth #5

When you learn to really listen through silence YOU will be the change to those that who need you the most…and THEY will see the change in the one they love the least…themselves.  That’s the art of love.



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