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God’s Masterpiece by Laurie Denham, M.S., L.P.C.

March 29, 2012

Each of us is God’s Masterpiece… carefully designed in His image, swaddled in His grace, and painted by the brushes of God’s love and mercy.

This special love must be nurtured and shared. Inevitably, we long to feel loved and to give it away, but the unfairness of life can turn one’s heart into a bitter cup.  We spend precious moments trying to recover the love that was lost in the storms of life.  If God called us His work of art in His Word, then one must wonder if suffering isn’t the brush that creates the Masterpiece. Come, walk with me and I will show you some of His work in me.

I realize that the renderings in my “gallery” reflect my perceptions, not factual images of reality. Some are prominently displayed and illumined. Others are shrouded and rarely peeked at.  A few are turned to face the wall. Some bring a smile to my face, others a pang of regret, sadness, or perhaps, anger. For years I have kept certain ones at arms length, too busy to deal with them. But for a while now I have been perusing and reevaluating the place of those works in my heart.

Some I am appreciating in a new way. Others I find much changed since I put them there long ago. Amazingly, the twin artists, Time and Truth, have been restoring some of the shattered ones.

“Trust Betrayed” that I once displayed under harsh lights now appears as a mere pencil drawing. Those faint lines are almost invisible under the oils of acceptance and forgiveness. A dusty collage created from a young girl’s collection of hopes has dimmed.  It faces the wall waiting for the new woman to remember its finery.

Time and Truth have taken brush in hand and softened the harsh edges of once painful memories, or brightened a dull photo. They have taken the fuzzy run-together watercolor images, painted with my tears, and sharpened them so that I, finally, see clearly what was actually there.

Suffering has a purpose that is much bigger than human ability to understand.  In the scene once titled “Rejected and Lonely,” I now see the Hand of God between my broken heart and me. Now I see its real name: “Compassion for Others.”

I know the future will cast a different light on today’s paintings. My current life will be viewed and analyzed by older, wiser eyes. I hope that the choices I make today, the painting I am creating now, will be one that brings a smile to my face. Time and Truth will reveal the true beauty in His Masterpiece.



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